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Land Your 1st Tech Job with Us!

Become a Tech Pro in 2-4 Months.

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Launch Your Tech Career Now!

We don't just teach you the skills but offer you an internship to boost your chances of landing your first tech job like other students.

Students Testimonials

The projects and assignments were thoughtfully designed, challenging me to apply my newfound skills to real datasets. The practical experience gained throughout the course proved invaluable, as I felt confident tackling data-related challenges in real-world. I recommend it to anyone eager to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of data analysis. 



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Tech Courses

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Master In-Demand Tech Skills.

Get Hired Faster.

Data Analysis 

Professional (DAP)

Learn to clean, analyze, and visualize data to solve real-world business problems. Master in-demand data analysis tools, such as Python, SQL, Microsoft Excel, and Power BI. Equip yourself with the skills to extract insights from massive datasets.

Business Analysis 

Professional (BAP)

Bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions. Learn to document requirements, analyze processes, and create data-driven recommendations to drive business growth. Tools to learn include Jira, SQL, Tableau, and Microsoft Excel

Tech (PMP) Project Management Professionals 

Become Globally Certified in Project Management Professional (PMP) and increase your earning potential. This certification is designed for Tech professionals with at least 3 years experience and more in their respective industries. 

Front End Web Development 

Craft an interactive and stunning web experience with us. Equip you with the skills to bring web apps and websites to life. Master languages like CSS, Javascript and HTML to build responsive layouts, design user interfaces, and create web elements.

DevOps Engineering

Bridge the gap between operations and development. Master automation technologies and tools to streamline software delivery and ensure high-performing and reliable applications. Learn CI/CD, Ansible, Git, Azure, AWS, etc.   

Why Choose Us?


Success Job Rates 


Qualified Tutors


Trained Students




Edge Line Tech Academy is a tech training institute that empowers individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Building upon the legacy of Edge Line Careers LLC, we have trained over 700 students, equipping them with the skills to excel and secure positions with companies and organizations like Cadbury, Air Peace Nigeria, Microsoft, PwC, Tek Expert, and many more.

​Upon recognizing a growing needs for tech skills in the African workforce, our mission stemmed from a desire to equip individuals with the skills to secure high paying tech jobs, empower them to contribute to their country's growing tech industry, and bridge the gap between employer demand and available tech talent.

While focusing on job placement for students, we offer internship programs to prepare them for the global job market. We also offer practical learning, with a focus on industry-relevant skills thereby going beyond theoretical knowledge and providing practical solutions. 

One of our all-time success stories was one of the students who had her class with us, finished internship early 2024, and secured a job with Air Peace Nigeria in 3 months of job hunting.

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Let’s Work Together

Agungi, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 816 359 5199

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